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Fix for Watch Dogs: Legion's corrupt saves coming in few days

Published: 08:42, 04 November 2020
Watch Dogs: Legion
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There's a lot going on in the world of Watch Dogs: Legion these days, starting with the incoming fix for corrupt saves, the allegedly leaked source code, and more.

Watch Dogs: Legion has had some hilarious and some less hilarious bugs, but none of them were detrimental to gameplay. 

Well, except for the save data loss issues, which caused many a player to lose hours of gameplay due to corrupted saves on the cloud. If you're interested in such tales of woe, feel free to go to Reddit, where one user testifies to losing five hours of Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay. Ouch. 

In a statement made to PCGamer, Ubisoft confirmed that these and many more bugs and issues will be addressed in an "upcoming patch by November 9", with more information coming in the following days. 

It's well worth noting that the way Watch Dogs: Legion saves end up corrupted varies - some players end up crashing to the desktop, whereas others get tired of waiting and force the game to close via the magical spell of Alt-F4. Either way, the end result is the same. 

Thankfully, one user seems to have found a workaround that we'll relay in full. So, you can keep playing without having to wait on Ubisoft. 

Old lady tazering a security guard in Watch Dogs: Legion Old lady tazering a security guard in Watch Dogs: Legion Watch Dogs: Legion

Reddit user going by the handle Natanaeltedja wrote :

"[PC] Workaround for freezing when Quitting to main menu.

Well, the first way is to disable the cloud service and start Ubisoft Connect in offline mode. The game should save in around 5 mins max.

Second, is to set the app affinity to use only 1 core of your CPU. I tried this one and it works.

Before quitting your game, go to: Task Manager>Details>WatchDogsLegion.exe (right click) > Set Affinity

Choose only one core from your CPU, any core except from CPU 0. For example: CPU 1.

Go back to the game and quit to main menu, wait a bit and it should quit."

Watch Dogs Legion is Ubisoft's post-Brexit shooter

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