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Warmind Rasputin might be Destiny 2's next big baddie

Published: 12:22, 19 February 2020
A giant cube that is apparently a super intelligent AI can be seen in some weird futuristic setting.
Destiny 2 - Warmind

Bungie dropped a surprise cutscene on all the Guardians with the latest weekly reset, featuring two iconic characters that even had Destiny 2 expansions named after them. It seems like Osiris is not happy with Rasputin as the clash with Darkness draws nearer.

Destiny 2 is ramping the story up for what seems like a showdown with Darkness itself as it returns following the ancient battle it had with the Traveler. The teasers so far have not been definitive and only served as hints but the content of the upcoming Season of the Worthy might be a bit more direct.

Bungie initiated the weekly reset for Destiny 2 on 18 February 2020 and released a new cutscene that the Guardians will see when they go to orbit. In case you didn't see it yet and are in no position to launch Destiny 2 at the time of reading this, you can check the embedded video below for the cutscene in order to avoid spoilers in the article. The short cutscene only features Osiris and Rasputin so you won't miss out on having your Guardian in the scene by not logging in.

Anyway, Osiris walks into Warmind Rasputin's "private quarters" and confronts it by stating that it's a thug, murderer and betrayer. It is not exactly clear what Osiris is referring to but fans have their own theories. One is that Osiris foresaw Rasputin siding with Darkness as the simulations in Infinite Forest saw Last City with a pyramid on top.

Others speculate that Rasputin is not keen on having either Light or Darkness around and only seeks to protect humanity, not agents of one or the other.

Whatever the case turns out to be, it seems like Bungie are already teasing conflict with the Warmind . Also, Osiris is either brave beyond comprehension or just plain dumb to walk in alone and threaten Rasputin with nothing more than a scout rifle in his hands.

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