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Warframe's Deadlock Protocol is arriving soon

Published: 02:26, 24 May 2020
Digital Extremes
Warframe's Seventh Anniversary key art
Warframe, Seventh Anniversary key art

Digital Extremes revealed that Deadlock Protocol will arrive to Warframe soon but only gave a release window as opposed to an actual date. It will rework some older stuff and bring freshness to the game.

Deadlock Protocol will arrive within the next two weeks according to Digital Extremes. In other words, it's either late May or early June for those who are waiting for it to kick in.

Considering the number of goodies everyone can count on, it is safe to say this is a highly anticipated update. Protea warframe will arrive which should make the players' playstyle choices feel fresh. I mean, it's hard to not feel good with the arsenal of weapons the devs teased. 

On the more general side, the Corpus ship environment rework will arrive at the same time, bringing along the reimagined tileset which was envisioned to "include new enemies, challenges and world-building that can surprise and delight new and veteran players alike".

while the Parnum Crown tokens from Corpus foes will provide access to the gauntlet for additional rewards.

Furthermore, there is the new MOA to look forward to, along with a potential hard mode. The latter is not guaranteed to be there at launch but devs said they will add it later on if they don't manage to squeeze it in initially.

Warframe: Fortuna, The Profit-Taker expansion additions

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Warframe: Fortuna, The Profit-Taker

Overall, Warframe players are looking at yet another free update. Given the circumstances and the Covid-19 pandemic's effect on the regular work hours, it is rather commendable that Digital Extremes are still coming up with regular free content.

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