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Warframe Empyrean is an idea that's been 15 years in the making

Published: 12:06, 10 July 2019
Digital Extremes
Gauss and Grendel, two upcoming Warframe characters
Warframe, Gauss and Grendel

Speaking in a lengthy interview with Eurogamer, Digital Extremes discussed Warframe at great length, mentioning that the idea of Empyrean dates back as far as Dark Sector, but that they're not interested in crunching it out the door.

The company's chief operating officer Sheldon Carter discussed the squad link, which is Warframe 's feature that allows for greater co-op play, where one four-Tenno squad can issue a call to other squads to help with other tasks, which many immediately compared to Star Wars.

Carter said, "If you look at the first trailer of Dark Sector, it's a guy who looks like a Tenno raiding a ship and taking it. And that was about 15 years ago. So the idea has been with us forever - it's funny, it's like - how many different things will be the signature? Squad link is really cool, going and stealing a ship is really cool, but for us, I think what makes Warframe so great is the cooperative experience".

It didn't take a marketing expert to gauge the amount of excitement around Warframe's Empyrean update - a pair of ears and TennoCon attendance was more than enough. Nevertheless, Digital Extremes won't be rushing it out the door and therefore haven't set the exact date.

"We only have one date in our calendar that's immovable at Digital Extremes, that's [TennoCon], every other thing can shift around as need be. So we tend to take the approach of - it's a cliche to say - 'we'll ship it when it's ready', but also we'll ship it as fast as we can, because we want the feedback to make it as good as we can be", Carter added.

Digital Extremes Warframe character, a view from inside the Railjack Warframe, Empyrean - What a view, eh?

Thankfully, Warframe's community is of great assistance when it comes to development, and Carter is well aware of this.

"We have this great relationship with the community - they give us feedback, we change it and then it becomes something great. By the time everyone experiences it, they're like 'oh this thing's awesome', and then there's veterans from five years ago going 'well you don't know what it was like when we first released it'. But the fact that they stick with us, and they let us do those iteration cycles, gives us the feeling that we need to get it in their hands as quick as possible, so we can make it as good as it can be", he said.

You can find the full interview .

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