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War for the Overworld final expansion released yesterday

Published: 19:00, 21 April 2018
Brightrock Games
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War for the Overworld

Brightrock Games have released the third and final expansion pack for War for the Overworld. It's titled The Under Games and features a new campaign as well as three new playable Underlords, each with his or her own specific base mechanics.

The 2015 real-time strategy got its final update yesterday titled The Under Games. Along with the update comes a patch which remasters the campaign and adds an extended ending. There are also map editor fixes and optimisations, as well as seven new levels and an upgraded AI.

War for the Overworld is much like Dungeon Keeper or Evil Genius. Players take on the role of the big baddie and build a base filled with numerous traps and guards in order to stop heroes from waltzing into their sanctum. That being said, The Under Games provide an additional campaign which will feature seven levels and three new Underlords.

Brightrock Games War for the Overworld gameplay War for the Overworld - Gameplay focuses on base-building

Shale is the first Underlord that players will meet. She is an unpredictable character who is mainly focused on summoning beasts and conjuring explosives. As every Underlord has a introductory trailer, Shale seems like the classic Disney witch.

The second to be introduced is Volta, the only Underlord with a German accent. He apparently has impenetrable mechanisms to defend his base, so opponents need not even try.

Lamash seems to like reminding people that he is Death itself. Nothing to see here folks, classic Grim Reaper syndrome going on with this Underlord. 

For an "older" game, the team seems to have kept it relatively up to date. However, this marks the game's last expansion.

Developers seem to have stopped making games that put the player in the role of the villain. Most of us yearn for a new Evil Genius or Overlord title but the market seems to have focused on the battle royale craze.

The Under Games is live and marks the third and final expansion pack to the game. Previous packs offered a similar amount of content, but sadly, none of the three are free updates.

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