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Civilization VI fifth DLC is Vietnam & Kublai Kahn Pack

Published: 19:00, 19 January 2021
The Roman capital Rome in Civilization VI
Civilization VI - early game Rome

CIvilization VI's development team is going east for their fifth Frontier Pass DLC and the upcoming pack brings more civilisations, leaders, modes, etc.

Firaxis didn't say who the leader is, but they did note that he's a fierce warrior, whose exploits have earned him legendary status. "They're not only considered one of Vietnam's national heroes, but a godlike figure whose personality and achievements have become stuff of legend", they said. 

As the name partially suggests, Vietnam & Kublai Kahn pack will also add alternate leaders for Chinese and Mongolian civilisations. Firaxis will be sharing more a bit later, but they promised that it considerably freshens up the experience of both. 

Civilization VI has been receiving new game modes on a regular basis, and this time around - Firaxis have something for those who prefer a more economic game - Monopolies and Corporations mode. 

Monopolies and Corporations will make it lucrative for everyone to improve duplicate resources, allowing players to create industries in their place. Industries provide powerful buffs and a steady trickle of great merchant points. 

Should you keep expanding, you'll eventually upgrade your Industry to a Corporation, which allows you to create products. Civilization VI's new mode will let you trade all sorts of products, and if you happen to be the sole source of some of them - well, no biggie. 

Last but not least is the peaceful new district, Preserve. They're built in secluded areas and can culture bomb additional tiles. It allows you to erect the Grove or the Sanctuary, where both increase the yields of the non-improved tiles around them. 

Civilization VI's Frontier Pass lanches on February 28, 2021. 

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