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Total War: Three Kingdoms adding playable Shie Xie, Juggernauts, reworked map

Published: 05:46, 01 September 2020
Creative Assembly
Total War: Three Kingdoms, Juggernaut unit
Total War: Three Kingdoms, Juggernaut

Total War: Three Kingdoms' update 1.6.0 is on the way and with it comes the introduction of Shie Xie as a playable character, map rework, Juggernauts and more.

The update arrives alongside The Furious Wild DLC and Shi Xie FLC, and while there's a lot to cover, we'll start with the new playable character. 


Shi Xie is playable in both 190 CE and 194 CE start dates and comes with two unique faction mechanics - Splendor and Tribute Chests. 

Splendor is nepotism to the bone, as Shi Xie gains it by smuggling family members into important court positions. The more important a position is, the more Splendor he generates, with higher levels providing bonuses to order, trade influence and diplomatic relations. 

Amassing Splendor lets you covert it into Tribute Chests, which come in three flavours - Diplomatic, Regional and Personal. They last 20 turns when equipped and can be traded or used to sweeten deals.

Diplomatic chests improve diplomatic conditions; Regional chests grant increased replenishment or construction time in the region, while Personal chests improve character or retinue. 


Juggernauts are an artillery unit that operates at very short range and while they're extremely deadly to enemies, getting it into position is not a walk in the park. Unless you mean literally because that's about the pace to expect. 

Total War: Three Kingdoms' new artillery is relatively well protected from missile fire but its bad morale and melee vulnerability makes it a real balancing act. 

Creative Assembly Total War: Three Kingdoms UI Total War: Three Kingdoms, front-end rework


Creative Assembly did some work on Total War: Three Kingdoms' UI so as to reduce the number of steps needed to start the game. Character groups, along with their evolving roles, will be easier to understand and set up. 


It turns out that Total War: Three Kingdoms developer slipped up in the map-design department and while they accurately placed the Hulao pass in relation to Mount Song, the latter was in a wrong place. This will be fixed in one of the upcoming updates. 

As for 1.6.0, the update adds nine Gate pass battles, i.e. single region commanderies that depict historical conflicts at various choke points, new commanderies all over the map and unique names to all the regions. 

Creative Assembly Total War: Three Kingdoms, reworked map Total War: Three Kingdoms, reworked map

Total War: Three Kingdoms 1.6.0 update also adds new legendary character Wei Yan, Xun You and Li Ru, as well as a truckload of balance changes, all of which you can check out in the patch notes

Total War Three Kingdoms, an iconic strategy by Creative Assembly

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