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Desperados III gets a Bounty Mode and a Level Editor in the new update

Published: 17:32, 09 December 2020
THQ Nordic
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Desperados III

Desperados III just got a free game update that introduced the Bounty Mode and "Level Editing Cheats". The Bounty Mode lets the players pick their Desperado. "Level Editing Cheats" is a level editor light.

Desperados III, the real-time strategy game published by THQ Nordic just got yet another free update. The newly applied update brought the Bounty Mode and activated the "Level Editing Cheats".

The Bounty Mode

The Bounty Mode is now a part of Desperados III and it lets the players choose which of the five Desperados they want to play as in almost every major mission*. This means that you will be able to experience the game from five different perspectives as well as skillsets and more. 

*Similar to the Baron's Challenges, this mode will unlock during the second chapter.

Level Editing Cheats

The newly activated "Level Editing Cheats" will allow you to create your own mission setups and share the savegames with all other Desperados III players.

Basically, it's a level editor light. By using the cheat codes, players can easily clean a map, then spawn all types of enemies in any location on the map and have fun by placing different objects throughout the level. 

You want to use 20 dynamite crates and 10 Gatling guns in Flagstone for maximum chaos? You got it! Get creative and share your own mission setups as savegame files with other players so everyone can have the same amounts of fun.

Tutorial videos for the new level editor can be found right here .

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