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Anthem map size revealed in the latest developer stream

Published: 13:25, 21 January 2019
picture showing a map
Anthem's map

Redditor DanLyb made a small overlay of Anthem's map pieces which he took from the latest developer video. The map shows a high number of canyons and rivers and is made of six major locations. Bioware are yet to confirm the map size though.

In anticipation of Anthem's release, one dedicated Redditor decided to share some info we're yet to officially receive from Bioware. DanLyb took screenshots of Anthem's map in the latest developer stream, which he then pieced together into a full map.

The overlay looks almost identical to the map from Anthem's gameplay demo shared back in July 2018. One of the differences is the new area in the lower part, which was missing on the previous map.

After the first reveal in 2018, Anthem's technical design director Brenon Holmes confirmed that the map size shown in screenshots is more or less correct, with only a couple of areas missing on the top and bottom segments of the map.

This would suggest that DanLyb's map is quite accurate and the only thing missing is the top part. The map features seven major locations including Fortress of Dawn, High Road, Emerald Abyss, Academy Ruins, Great Falls Canyon, East Gate and Eastern Reach.

All of these locations are characterised with a high number of rivers and canyons. Bioware already confirmed that verticality will make Anthem's map appear a lot bigger but unfortunately players won't be able to fly over the map in a straight line.

This means that you'll have to follow a bit linear routes when navigating through the world. Bioware also confirmed that Anthem will not feature multiple regions like Destiny. Instead, the team opted for one single map.

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With the Anthem closed beta incoming, players won't have to wait much longer to take a proper look at the map. In their earlier gameplay videos and trailers, Bioware shared a look at various locations including underground and underwater ruins, which suggest that Anthem's world size could be just enough to satisfy the fans.

For more Anthem news, check out info on  and potential crossplay and if you're interested in playing the beta, take a detailed look at both open and closed beta .

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