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Ubisoft opening new offices in France and Germany

Published: 13:19, 19 April 2017
Ubisoft logo in blue color. It looks like a wallpaper.

Ubisoft is opening offices in France and Germany. The French studio will be located in Bordeaux, and the German studio will call Berlin its home.

Ubisoft is expanding its creative network in Europe by adding two new development studios, one in Berlin and one in Bordeaux. The creative talent in these studios will work on "AAA multiplatform development", and lend a helping hand to the production of some new titles for existing franchises.

Christine Burgess-Quémard, executive director of Ubisoft’s worldwide studios said: "We pride ourselves on attracting and retaining the best creative talent around the world, and on establishing video games as a viable career option and economic contributor in new locales,"

Ubisoft Steep Steep

Ubisoft already has a number of offices across France, and the studio in Berlin will collaborate with Blue Byte, "an industry leader in PC strategy games".

Ubisoft Bordeaux

Ubisoft already has studios across its home country of France. The studios have already cropped up all over France in cities like Paris, Lyon, Annecy, and Montpellier. The Bordeaux office employees will work with their French colleagues on the franchises such as Just Dance, Steep, and Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Personally, I think the Bordeaux studio will excel in the creative department, provided they take a couple of sips of the wine the city is famous for. If you have a knack for drinking world-class wine and game development, you can visit Ubisoft Bordeaux  for some more info, and look for job openings at Ubisoft .

Ubisoft Promotional image for Ghost Recon: Wildlands Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ubisoft Berlin

The office in Berlin will work with the BlueByte teams on an unannounced AAA project. Blue Byte is one of the most ingrained names in German gaming and an industry leader in developing strategy games for PC. The Berlin studio is going to be hiring both novices and experts in the industry, as they hope to reach the number of around 50 people during their first 12 months. Check for any news , and is you're interested in a job at this studio, keep an eye on .

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