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Ubisoft is adding Stadia games to Ubisoft Connect

Published: 15:07, 20 December 2022
Games from Stadia appearing on Ubisoft Connect
Games from Stadia appearing on Ubisoft Connect

The Ubisoft titles you purchased on the Google Stadia platform will not be lost when the service is discontinued. All Ubisoft games will migrate to Ubisoft Connect.

Some users on Reddit report that copies of the Ubisoft games they bought on Stadia are starting to appear on their Ubisoft Connect accounts.

When Google announced earlier this year that Stadia services would be discontinued , many Stadia users were understandably concerned, not just for their games but also for the game progress on this platform.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft verified via email to all Stadia owners of their games that the transfer process is officially underway and that they will have all of their titles on their Ubisoft account, free of charge. In terms of game progression transfer, Ubisoft stated that save files are only transferred if the game supports cross-progression via Ubisoft Connect.

What could be the biggest problem here? Most gamers that use streaming services are either unable to obtain the powerful hardware required to run demanding games or desire access to games on all devices such as cellphones, tablets, smart TVs, etc. Either way, to play their favourite games from Ubisoft, they will now have to buy a gaming PC or laptop if they don't already have one.

AltChar All Ubi games from Stadia will migrate to Ubisoft Connect All Ubi games from Stadia will migrate to Ubisoft Connect

Google will shut down Stadia on January 18, 2023, and ahead of that date, they will refund every game bought through its services. For Ubisoft game owners on Stadia, this is a win-win situation. Google will refund all their games, and Ubisoft will add them for free on Ubisoft Connect.


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