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The Quarry gets online multiplayer in latest update

Published: 06:51, 09 July 2022
The Quarry
The Quarry

Supermassive Games and 2K released a new patch for The Quarry, bringing along online multiplayer that will mostly see one player doing everything. 

Wolf Pack, the multiplayer mode for The Quarry, is now live, allowing groups of people to do a playthrough together. Since this game is a narrative cinematic experience, you might wonder how this works and the best way to describe it is like having a group of friends over and let them do some backseat gaming.

The host can invite up to seven people into the Wolf Pack session. Then, the host will play through the game while the others will act as an audience that will get to vote on key decisions and the majority vote will determine the outcome.

Technically, this type of gameplay should bring more replayability to a game that was already big on branching narratives, and thus, had numerous outcomes even with one person making all the choices.

Besides the Wolf Pack, players can now access all six episodes fo the Bizarre Yet Bonafide podcast in-game even if you have The Quarry on regular platforms, as opposed to the streaming ones. The podcast has the fictional paranormal investigators Grace and Anton digging into the area surrounding The Quarry and serves as a bit of a preface to the main plot.

On top of that, the patch will let Deluxe Edition holders apply '80s-styled cosmetics to the characters while those with standard can purchase the pack separately.

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