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PlayStation fans left baffled as Horizon Zero Dawn remaster leaks online

Published: 11:06, 03 October 2022
Aloy seems confused. Does Horizon Zero Dawn really need a remaster?
Aloy seems confused. Does Horizon Zero Dawn really need a remaster?

Sony are reportedly working on a Horizon Zero Dawn remaster and PlayStation fans are not sure what to think about that one.

Sony have a ton of dormant IPs waiting to be revived with a remake or remaster but guess what, it's not SOCOM, Bloodborne , Syphon Filter or Sly Cooper that are getting a remaster, it's the Horizon Zero Dawn, an action-adventure that already looks and plays great on the PlayStation 5.

According to the rumours coming from the website MP1ST , Sony are preparing a remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn to bring the game closer to the sequel Forbidden West. Apparently, the remaster will include graphical improvements, accessibility options from Forbidden West, quality of life improvements and upgraded animations. 

On top of this, Guerrilla Games are reportedly working on a multiplayer Horizon game, which leaked before. 

As expected, PlayStation players are absolutely stunned that Sony would waste time and resources on Horizon Zero Dawn. Of course, many mention Bloodborne as a perfect candidate for a PlayStation 5 remaster, since the game is still running at 30 FPS and would also benefit from some neat visual improvements. 

Others point out that iconic franchises like Syphon Filter, and Sly Cooper also deserve remasters, remakes and even full-fledged sequels.

Guerrilla Games Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy walking towards a big mechanic dinosaur Horizon Zero Dawn still looks great and does not need a remaster

We have to say that we don't have anything against a Horizon Zero Dawn remaster but it doesn't really feel like the game needs one at this time. Zero Dawn still looks great and even runs at 60 FPS on PlayStation 5. On top of this, it was only released a couple of years ago so it's really not the best PR for Sony to sell the remaster so soon. 

Sony are certainly developing a habit of releasing remasters/remakes at full prices lately and it remains to be seen how players react to this trend moving forward. We sincerely hope that Sony are focusing more on creating new games than remastering recently released ones. 


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