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The Game Awards 2022 broke viewership record

Published: 12:43, 18 December 2022
Updated: 13:11, 18 December 2022
More than 103 million viewers saw this year's TGA
More than 103 million viewers saw this year's TGA

The Game Awards 2022, the tenth edition of the famous event, smashed last year's audience record. The ceremony was seen by a nine-digit number of viewers for the first time in its history.

According to The Game Awards, the show reported a record viewership of 103 million live streams, 20 per cent more than 2021’s previous record-setting performance. Social listening analysis website Maven Road report that The Game Awards 2022 was the most discussed TGA event yet. The show was mentioned 308,000 times on the day of the event, nearly 180 per cent more than the one from 2021.

The Game Awards 2022 live streams were broadcast across more than 30 digital networks, including YouTube, Twitch (with viewer rewards), Twitter, Facebook, TikTok Live, Instagram, and Steam. Also, regional internet and TV providers in China and India streamed the event on local TV stations. 

Although these numbers are fascinating, they do not indicate the number of viewers who watched the programme live. These numbers also include the subsequent viewing of the TGA 2022 recording. However, Game Awards live viewing also increased significantly compared to 2021, with 37 per cent on YouTube and 20 per cent on Twitch.

The greatest increase in viewership was seen on Steam ; at one point, 850,000 viewers watched the programme at the same time, and the reason was obvious. Valve randomly selected the viewers to reward them with the most expensive Steam Deck model for every minute of the show.

TGA 2022 brakes all viewership records TGA 2022 breaks all viewership records

Hades II and Death Stranding 2 were the two most mentioned games on social media during the event.


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