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The Evil Within devs Tango Gameworks have multiple projects in development

Published: 13:33, 09 October 2021

Tango Gameworks are trying out new genres for smaller games but also have a new project in the works by The Evil Within 2 director John Johanas.

In the recent interview at Tokyo Games Show, Tango Gameworks CEO Shinji Mikami talked about the studio's upcoming projects and also revealed a couple of interesting details about the ideas and genres that Tango are interesting to work on moving forward. 

One of the bigger projects that Tango are working on at the moment is a brand new game by The Evil Within 2 director John Johanas.

Mikami did not share any details about the game, which could be The Evil Within 3, or a completely new IP. Time will tell.

Additionally, Tango Gameworks CEO revealed that the studio will be working on shorter, unique and fresh experiences moving forward since this is what many gamers want.

The studio are also trying out new genres for a smaller game with a new director. Again, Mikami only teased these new projects so we don't have any details at this moment.

Xbox head Phil Spencer was also part of the same interview and Mikami took the opportunity to ask him about Xbox's plans for Japan. 

Spencer mentioned that Xbox are currently working with 200+ indie devs in Japan and have 100+ Japanese games in Game Pass and that they will continue to work hard on this front. 

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