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The Evil Within 2 is getting first person mode in the next update

Published: 18:05, 14 February 2018
Updated: 18:13, 14 February 2018
Tango Gameworks
Poster for the game The Evil Within 2.
The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 is as deranged and scary as horror games get these days but Tango Games want to kick it up a notch. The survival horror game received a first person mode for that genuine horror experience in its latest update.

Tango Gameworks are one of the top dogs in the horror branch of the gaming industry and it appears they are doing their best to keep it that way. The recent update added first person mode to their 2017 survival horror title to cater to the horror enthusiasts.

The feature will be on-the-fly type, as Bethesda announced. You will be able to change between first and third person modes by flipping a switch in the pause menu. 

Bethesda Sebastian shooting at a montster in Union The Evil Within 2 - She's got half a mind. No seriously.

Shinsaku Ohara, Tango Gameworks' producer described seeing that thing in the picture above in first person, or as they said ''through Sebastian's eyes'' as being ''a really neat experience''. So they gave players a chance to do exactly that.

He continued explaining their thought train saying “I think exploring Union in first-person makes the scale feel even bigger than it does when you’re in third-person. Also, being able to see our environments and enemies up close allows players to get an even better look at how much effort went into their designs.”

Tango Gameworks Buzzsaw monster is creeping behind Sebastian. The Evil Within 2

Jokes aside, it is good to see companies providing players what they ask for, and first person horror is the current trend for the genre. On top of that, players have been aching for a first person mode ever since they discovered it was possible to enable it through console commands.

This of course excluded PS4 and Xbox One players, but the update should level the playing field. The official announcement for the 1.04 update that provides the first person mode, along with patch notes can be found the game's .

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