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Tencent announce Honor of Kings: World, a new open-world action RPG

Published: 10:22, 01 November 2021
Honor of Kings: World boss fight
Honor of Kings: World boss fight

Tencent have announced an MMO action RPG spin-off title of their MOBA title Honor of Kings. Named Honor of Kings: World, the game is planned for PC, consoles and mobile.

Honor of Kings franchise, which is the highest-grossing mobile game of all time worldwide is expanding to new genres. Tencent, the developer and publisher of this franchise have officially announced a brand new spin-off title named Honor of Kings: World, which is an open-world action RPG. 

The game appears to be similar to Genshin Impact and Monster Hunter World in terms of gameplay but it's still early to judge since we don't have many details about the mechanics and features. 

Visually, Honor of Kings: World looks absolutely stunning, perhaps even too good to be true. Gorgeous visuals are like a signature style of the Chinese developers and we hope the game will actually look this good on launch.

Tencent Honor of Kings: World Honor of Kings: World

It also appears that co-op is in the game so expect plenty of PvE content like dungeons and potentially raids. Though, this is speculation at this point since Tencent did not confirm these details. 

Interestingly, Honor of Kings: World is co-created by China's popular sci-fi author Liu Cixin, who is known for The Wandering Earth novel, which was recently got film adaptation on Netflix. 

Honor of Kings: World will be a multi-platform game, meaning that it is coming to PC, consoles and mobile. Tencent have not shared the release date for the game so it's safe to say that the launch is still pretty far away. Perhaps late 2022 seems like a reasonable prediction? 

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