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Surviving the Aftermath New Alliances Teasers Showcases New Mechanics

Published: 00:49, 04 June 2022
Paradox Interactive
Surviving the Aftermath
Surviving the Aftermath

The first part of the game's Season Pass will be released very soon. Here are some of its key features which gives the game’s sandbox a whole new dimension with more replayability and new challenges!

Surviving the Aftermath: ”New Alliances” adds an in-depth layer to world map societies and a new, powerful rival faction as your adversary. Help your neighbours deal with new threats and gain unique rewards while uniting the wasteland under a single banner! Or use your specialists to conduct covert missions inside other societies for your own gain…

Players will be able to assist societies and complete requests to gain enough reputation to ally with them. Build embassies to unlock unique permanent bonuses and buildings for your colony. Help your alliance population grow and bring the wasteland on your side by forming a federation!

On the other hand,  a powerful opposing faction has taken an interest in your part of the world. Their control over societies grows every time you ignore or fail requests, so fight back by helping those in need or use specialists to reduce rival influence.

Paradox Interactive Surviving the Aftermath - Updated combat Surviving the Aftermath - Updated combat


Your specialists can now embark on covert missions within societies to steal resources or incite its population. But beware as the same tricks can be used against you! Build new protective buildings such as Surveillance Vans and Anti-propaganda Towers to defend against these attacks.

Bandits, society convoys and even animals are now active on the world map. Move out of their way or risk an attack. Raid convoys for loot or defeat bandits for loot and reputation. Hostile units can even take over your outposts, so be prepared to clear them out to resume production.

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