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Surviving the Aftermath New Alliances DLC Offers Creating a Federation

Published: 23:57, 16 June 2022
Paradox Interactive
Surviving the Aftermath - MBuild Request
Surviving the Aftermath - Build Request

The new DLC for Surviving the Aftermatch, called New Alliances, is here, and developers are now sharing what can be expected to change in the game with it.

New Alliances adds a new, more dynamic layer to the world map and how you interact with societies. Instead of just having nice trade partners, you can now befriend and eventually ally with them with the ultimate goal of creating a federation! To do this, you must help your soon-to-be allies by completing requests and assisting them against various threats in the wasteland.

But if making friends isn’t your thing, you can raid their convoys for resources or have your specialists complete covert missions inside the societies to steal loot, science points, and other benefits. But note that you’re not alone in your ambitions, as a mysterious Rival faction has taken an interest in your part of the wasteland.

Surviving the Aftermath Surviving the Aftermath


Forming a federation and solidifying your status as its leader will take some time. Once you’ve met the first societies, a new society depot building becomes available. It allows you to construct helpful buildings inside societies to raise their population, protect them from bandit raids or provide alternative sources of science points and silver.

You can construct these buildings for a society whenever you want, even if they haven’t specifically sent a request for them. In addition to building requests, societies might also ask you to hunt bothersome animals, deal with dangerous bandit forts, or loan one of your specialists to them

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