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StA updates visuals and combat with the Lunar New Year

Published: 07:46, 29 January 2022
Paradox Interactive
Surviving the Aftermath
Surviving the Aftermath

Developers are continuing the free 2022 updates with a celebration of the Lunar New Year. This includes new cosmetic buildings along with a new system, which allows you to change how your colony looks like.

The Lunar New Year content pack includes a banner stand to display your colony flag, which is also available as a non-themed version, a tiger flag symbol, a red Double Lantern, a mighty Scrap Tiger statue, and a cute Waving Cat statue for you to build.

Regular torches and lamps are replaced with Lunar-themed versions for the duration of the event. And last but not least, the Fireworks Launcher allows you to light up the sky in red and gold to start off the celebrations! You can unlock the new decorative buildings in two parts by completing colony milestones for prestige.

Lunar decorations can be toggled on or off at any time from the main menu banner, or from Settings. The event ends at the end of February, but you can restore the Lunar theme via the Settings menu after that date.

Paradox Interactive Surviving the Aftermath - Updated combat Surviving the Aftermath - Updated combat

In addition to the more cosmetic aspects of the game, Developers have added several quality-of-life improvements for colony combat. All units that are engaged in combat have color-coded outlines, so you can spot bandits running around much easier.

Guard and specialist hitboxes have also been enlarged to help you select and order them around better. Colonists will now flee from combat by default to save themselves and will retaliate only as a last resort. They will no longer attempt to defeat a sandworm in hand-to-hand combat, thankfully.

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