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Surviving the Aftermath first free update of the year is out

Published: 07:10, 05 January 2022
Paradox Interactive
Surviving the Aftermath
Surviving the Aftermath

The first of the free updates in 2022 includes victories in gate combat that are now rewarded with loot left behind by the defeated bandits, a new difficulty, and better Twitch integration.

A new “Very Hard” difficulty option has been added for those looking to really challenge themselves. It starts you in a very barren climate with limited resources, reduced water, and energy production outputs and also increases the amount and severity of catastrophes. Balancing the game’s overall difficulty continues in the meanwhile and we’ll share more news on that later on. 

Smaller features and updates include balance fixes such as more aggressive guard and specialist AI with better target prioritization especially during an alarm, limitations to fishing building placement, removal of bandits that attack you from behind, and so on. Once the alarm is enabled, guards and specialists search for hostile targets in a much wider area than before and engage them more aggressively. 

Surviving the Aftermath Surviving the Aftermath

Along with lots of bugs, developers have also fixed the Twitch integration, so you’ll be able to vote on event and quest results, and which catastrophe your favorite streamer will face next! Notable balance changes include reduced silver gains from selling weapons, faster but more resource-consuming meal production, and increased metal/concrete deposits around the colony.

They will be revealing more about the future updates later on, but they include a new, customizable game mode and scenarios for more replayability with all-new challenges. And as always, updates will have more new content, bug fixes, balancing, and QoL improvements.

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