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Surviving the Aftermath New Alliances Adds Covert Missions

Published: 15:58, 17 June 2022
Surviving the Aftermath key art
Surviving the Aftermath

One major aspect of New Alliances involves a bit shadier tactics. Now it's time for the espionage and propaganda wars to start, with your specialists at the helm.

Your specialists can now embark on four different types of covert missions against other societies for various benefits. You can for example steal science points for your research via espionage with your scientists or sabotage Rival operations with scavengers to reduce their influence.

Different specialist types have a higher chance to succeed on these missions, so pick your operative carefully as failure means a big drop in reputation and a potentially lethal escape from the rather offended society.

But be on your guard as these covert missions can also be used against you. Both your Rival and other societies can infiltrate your colony to steal, disrupt your research, or even set off explosives!

To combat this, unlock protective buildings like anti-propaganda towers and surveillance vans from the new tech branch and have them staffed at all times. The more workers you have stationed, the greater the chance you’ll prevent anything bad from happening and maybe even uncover the culprit in the process.

Paradox Interactive Surviving the Aftermath - Updated combat Surviving the Aftermath - Updated combat


Additionally,  the world map is also more active than ever before. You might spot a herd of deer roaming around looking for food or a group of bandits searching for prey. Hostile units might chase your specialists who are moving on foot or decide to take over your world map outpost, halting its operations until you clear them out.

For best protection, have a fleet of capable vehicles on hand at all times, as the bandit hordes are unable to catch a fast-moving car with all your scavenged loot inside. 

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