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Surviving the Aftermath gets rampaging animals in an update

Published: 16:03, 09 April 2020
Surviving the Aftermath key art
Surviving the Aftermath

Paradox Interactive and Iceflake Studios released Update 6 for Surviving the Aftermath, bringing along several improvements and additions to the game, including the wild animals, enhanced combat and bartering system changes.

Surviving the Aftermath should be a bit more eventful after the latest update as the bandits attacking the players' colonies will be joined by rampaging wildlife.

Defending the colony will now be trickier as bandits with demands will be only one of the dangers of the post-apocalyptic world. Fortifying the gates and driving the miscreants away will be crucial - if the gate gets breached, everyone in the settlement is going to have a bad day.

However, they are not the only ones who can attack. The player can take control of their specialists and order them to go on the offensive and attack the bandits, should the gates be breached.

The marauders may be enough trouble on their own but the wild animals will be there to spice up the mayhem. With Update 6, the wildlife will become aggressive and attack the colonists, with packs usually being around resource nodes as they block the way until defeated. Furthermore, the animals can go on a rampage and attack the colony, damaging buildings, eating crops and injuring colonists in the process.

Colonists' happiness will need to be managed as well. They will now react to the player's decisions and offer helpful advice if you are in their good graces or start working sub-optimally if they feel like they are living under negative conditions.

Player feedback seems to have been heard regarding the bartering and trade system. A wider reputation range will now allow trading, special deals and more. 

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