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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has in-game store and battle pass

Published: 06:50, 17 January 2023
Rocksteady Studios
Suicide Suqad can't believe their eyes
Suicide Squad can't believe their eyes

People who anxiously awaited Rocksteady's next video game will find themselves in for a nasty surprise.

Suicide Suqad: Kill the Justice League is meant to be the next big thing in the DC Universe, at least as far as video games go, and fans were hoping it wouldn't end up an underwhelming experience as Gotham Knights did.

With Rocksteady at the helm, that hope may still be alive as there are no indicators to support a different point of view yet but the fans will undoubtedly be disappointed to see the game will have an in-game store and a battle pass.

The information came from a leaked image of an in-game menu that shows the four characters and a few menu tabs, with two of them being highly controversial.

Some might say "it's okay if it's just cosmetics" but monetisation in what is supposed to be a narrative adventure has a way of eroding the quality of the main course, which should be a reason to worry anyway. 

You can also see a total of six currencies in the screenshot, which looks even scarier than the menu options. On the other hand, it probably means one progression currency per character, one for in-game currency and one for the premium currency that will be spent in the shop.

Rocksteady Suicide Squad - Store, battle pass and six different currencies Suicide Squad - Store, battle pass and six different currencies

Considering the main source is a leaked image and not an official channel, there is still room for doubt and that would be the best possibility for the game.

Unfortunately, WB has already had major controversies over monetisation even in single-player games so we wouldn't put it past the company to attempt aggressive recurring revenue in a co-op game like Suicide Squad as well.


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