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Street Fighter V reveals Eleven, Rose and Dan gameplay

Published: 03:38, 12 February 2021
Street Fighter V - Eleven
Street Fighter V - Eleven

Capcom presented three fighters that will be joining the roster of Street Fighter V as well as one new map that should refresh the game overall.

Street Fighter V's new character pass will include Eleven, a new-but not really fighter that is basically there to mimic the already present ones. It is the equivalent of Mokujin from Tekken series, merely a way to randomly pick a fighter. While mastering every fighter could be a challenge, it is bound to surprise opponents as well since they can't really pick a counter for it. Not intentionally anyway.

The copied characters will have a somewhat altered appearance. While the model will remain the same, the textures will be replaced by some white material that the creature is made of and their voices will have a filter that makes them sound odd. Bio-robotic perhaps?

Dan is another character that the developers showed and he is back with all the shenanigans that make him the butt of Street Fighter jokes. His taunting fighting style is returning once more and we fully expect him to once again be a bottom tier fighter. Devs also showed one of his costumes that makes him wear a weird red mask with an even weirder nose.

On the other side of the spectrum is Rose, the elegant fighter who displays her soul powers in every encounter.

She will be accompanied by the new map, named Marina of Fortune, which is set in Italy, the same country Rose hails from. Technically, it appeared in a Street Fighter game already but it has never been this detailed.

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