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Stray Blade release date announced with a new trailer

Published: 16:10, 16 February 2023
Point Blank Games
Stray Blade - Taking on a formidable foe
Stray Blade - Taking on a formidable foe

Fans of action RPGs may have a gem on their hands fairly soon.

Stray Blade  release date has been set for April 20, 2023.

For those not in the know, the game looks like a bit of a crossbreed between Kingdoms of Amalur and Dark Souls but the resemblance will undoubtedly vary between each part of the game.

Art style, for example, leans more heavily towards Kingdoms of Amalur although some elements from the other series can also be noticed.

For combat, it will be hard to figure out until we get the exact feel by playing the game but there is no doubt it looks interesting thus far. Devs claim the combat is hyper-responsive on the Steam page, which should mean glad tidings but it remains to be seen how it works in practice.

There also seems to be a lot of reliance on Boji, who will assist the player's character and have his own progression through a talent tree. While the brunt of combat is done by the Adventurer, the tiny canine will sometimes distract enemies to open them up for a devastating attack.

Although the game releases in around two months, there are currently no PC requirements listed anywhere so it remains to be seen how well-optimised it will end up being.


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