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Stellaris: Console Edition gets update 2.8 along with Federations pack

Published: 14:31, 17 June 2021
Paradox Interactive
Stellaris: Console Edition - Federations expansion pack trailer screenshot
Stellaris stars will be mined for all they are worth

It's a good day for fans of Stellaris: Console Edition. The game just received the free 2.8 update that revamped its sound and graphics. A brand-new expansion pack - Federations is also available now.

Stellaris: Console Edition just got a fresh expansion pack. Paradox Interactive bundled the release of the new expansion pack with the launch of Federations, another expansion with its focus on the galactic community and its internal politics, for Stellaris: Console Edition.

Fans can grab Federations today on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles for the suggested price of $19.99/ €19,99.

Players can also choose to purchase Federations along with two upcoming expansions, the Ancient Relics Story and the Necroids Species packs, as part of the fourth expansion pass for $24.99 / €24.99 (suggested prices).

The Federations expansion offers players some increased diplomatic capabilities, while at the same time establishing a powerful galactic senate. Aspiring legislators now have the chance to showcase their political prowess on an astronomical level. 

Federations features:

  • Expanded Federations: With expanded diplomacy capabilities, players can build up the internal cohesion of their Federations and unlock powerful rewards for all members. Whether you join a Trade League, Martial Alliance, or Hegemony, membership can be extremely advantageous.
  • Political Party: Unite the space empires with a galactic senate that can vote on a wide range of resolutions to drive legislative agendas. For example, players can pass a resolution to increase commitments to collective defence or funnel profit towards wealthy elites.
  • Origins: Each empire has a story that shapes its path. Give your civilization deeper roots with the new Origins system. When choosing an Origin, players flesh out their empire’s background and alter its starting conditions.
  • New Constructions: Construct glorious new projects for your empire like the Juggernaut, a massive mobile starbase that provides a moveable repair base even in enemy territory, or the Mega Shipyard, a new megastructure that can churn out fleets with incredible speed.

Additionally, console fans will receive the free 2.8 update - a sound and graphical overhaul that will enhance the Stellaris experience across all consoles. 2.8 remasters over 70 audio effects, adds new VFX and graphics improvements, and UI improvements. 

Additionally, the update continued the work of optimizing the performance on next-generation consoles, with improvements in both simulations and loading time for PS5 gamers.

Expansion Pass Four includes the following expansions, coming later in 2021:

  • Ancient Relics Story Pack: Uncover the ruins of long-dead civilizations in Relic Worlds to piece together the story of their rise and eventual downfall. Excavate their derelict cities and ships to unearth the truth, discover powerful relics and harness them for your own empire’s ambitions.
  • Necroids Species Pack:   Necroids are intelligent species who believe that death is not the end, but rather the beginning of their journey.   A brand new selection of portraits, civics, ship sets and other cosmetics for players who don’t fear the afterlife or the dark side of the galaxy.

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