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Stellaris Console Edition All New Human Species Pack Additions

Published: 23:32, 15 July 2022
Paradox interactive
Stellaris - Clone Army
Stellaris - Clone Army

All of the features revealed in the most recent development diary are included in the Humanoids Species Pack, and those who already own Humanoids will get these features for free, say Paradox.

First off, we have the Masterful Crafters Civic coming to Stellaris , courtesy of Paradox Interactive , which will replace your Artisans with Artificers. Artificers also produce Consumer Goods, but in addition, produce a small amount of Trade Value and Engineering research per job. The Masterful Crafters civic also allows Industrial Districts to unlock building slots.

Since this Civic focuses on Consumer Goods, it will not be able to be taken by Gestalt Empires, however, there is a corporate version of this civic for MegaCorporations.

Next up is the Pleasure Seekers Civic that grants access to the Decadent Lifestyle Living Standard, which increases pop happiness at the expense of extra Consumer Goods upkeep.  Additionally, pops working the Entertainer job will provide an extra 1% pop growth. 

The exact opposite of those is the Pompous Purists Civic, which provides a diplomatic playstyle for Xenophobes. Societies with the Pompous Purists Civic are not opposed to negotiating with other species, as long as it’s on their terms, and will ignore all attempts at communications that are not initiated by themselves.

Paradox Interactive Example of a Plantoid species Example of a Plantoid species

In addition, there are the changes to the Clone Army Origin added as well, in these additions to the Humanoid species pack. Empires starting with the Clone Army Origin are perfectly suited for warfare. Specifically bred for combat, they are short-lived and infertile and only reproduce via cloning.

Clone Army pops can only reproduce at Ancient Cloning Vats, each Ancient Cloning Vat in turn can only support 20 Clone army pops, and Clone Army Empires are limited to 5 Ancient Cloning Vats empire-wide.

Growth from Ancient Cloning Vats is significant, as is the penalty for having too many pops per Ancient Cloning Vat. Now, you could be a good little clone-soldier and simply wage war as you were designed to, or, you could dive into the secrets of your own history, that choice and the mysteries it will unlock will be left to you for every playthrough.

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