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Stellaris Console Allows Establishing Dictators Similar to Star Wars

Published: 03:38, 30 April 2022
Paradox Interactive

We all know what scene we're thinking of. Palpatine is in the chambers of the Senate, being awarded ultimate power to solve a crisis, while democracy falls to thunderous applause.

Well, it will be something similar in Stellaris Console Edition as well, as there comes a time in every galaxy when someone or something is trying to light the galaxy on fire. It’s a time when heroes are made, legends are written and dictators, that is, crisis fighters are born.

After the establishment of the Galactic Council, it is possible to Nominate a Custodian. There can be many Custodianship proposals in the proposal queue, but only one may pass. The AI is more likely to vote for Custodianship when there is some sort of crisis occurring. It could be marauders, the end-game crisis, or a Become the Crisis crisis.

Paradox Interactive Stellaris: Console Edition - Baol Species Stellaris: Console Edition - Baol Species

In order to cut through the red tape, and protect the galaxy, the Galactic Custodian gets extra powers in the Galactic Community:

  • Prematurely End Session: A Custodian can end the current session after half of its voting period, which will pass or reject the resolution being voted on depending on the voting situation at the time. 
  • Emergency Measures: The Custodian can use the Emergency Measures power to send a proposal to the Senate Floor, but has a much lower cooldown than regular council members.
  • Shared Intel: The Custodian will gain some Intel on all other members of the Galactic Community, such as knowing their Relative Fleet Power.
  • Freezing proposals: The custodian can pay 200 influence to freeze a resolution for 4 years, making it impossible for the resolution to move to the Senate Floor for the duration.

Initially, a Galactic Custodian will serve for 30 years, after which their powers will be automatically removed and they will become another normal empire. Unless., of course, you initiate Custodian Resolutions, one of which is getting rid of that pesky mandate.

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