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Stellaris Console Edition Adds New Traditions Trees

Published: 03:15, 23 July 2022
Paradox INteractive
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By the end game of Stellaris, all traditions are unlocked, and empires hardly differ from one another. Paradox are looking to change that, by introducing new Tradition Trees.

Paradox , in their recent Stellaris  dev diary, explain how they have improved the traditions system so that you are no longer locked to the same set of 7 traditions, but you can rather pick which Tradition Tree you want to go into one of 7 slots.

Some of the Tradition Trees, which were previously swaps of other trees, such as Adaptability being a swap of Diplomacy, are now their own trees. This means that Adaptability, for example, is now available to all  non-machine empires .

Synchronicity is still mutually exclusive with Harmony, as one will appear if you are a gestalt empire, the other if you are a regular one. Versatility is available to all machine empires.

This means, that while some empire types might have more traditions available than others, all empire types should have more than the previous 7 Tradition Trees available to them, adding another layer of a strategic choice to the game.

Paradox Ineractive Stellaris - Selecatble Traditions Stellaris - Selectable Traditions

There are also three brand new Tradition Trees added to the game:

  • Mercantile,
  • Unyielding,
  • Subterfuge.

The Unyielding Tree focuses on defenses and starbases, and requires Apocalypse. The Subterfuge Tree focuses on adding to your Espionage capabilities, and therefore requires Nemesis.


The Mercantile Tree, on the other hand, is free and focuses on buffing trade. Mercantile will also unlock choosing your Trade Policy. Therefore, it will no longer be possible to convert Trade Value into Energy and Consumer Goods without unlocking the Adaptive Economic Policies tradition, in the Mercantile tradition tree.

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