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Stellaris Console Edition - Changes With the Lem and Herbert Updates

Published: 22:37, 10 May 2022
Paradox Interactive
Stellaris - Galaxy in motion
Stellaris - Galaxy in motion

The console edition of Stellaris is slowly, but surely, catching up to the Pc version. Though it's still got a long road ahead, we can be sure that the console players will be on equal footing in no time, at this pace.

The 3.1 “Lem” update adds selectable tradition trees, reworking some existing Tradition Trees to make them open to more empire types, and adding a new “Mercantile” Tradition Tree to the base game. 3.1 “Lem” also adds a boatload of new content to previously released expansions and species packs: 

  • Plantoids Species Pack: 2 New Civics, those being the Idyllic Bloom, Catalytic Processing and 3 New Species Traits, the Phototrophic, Radiotrophic, and Budding.
  • Humanoids Species Pack: 2 New Civics, the Masterful Crafters, and the Pleasure Seekers, and 1 New Origin, the Clone Army
  • Apocalypse: 1 New Tradition Tree,the Unyielding
  • Ancient Relics: 3 New Archaeology Sites
  • Necroids Species Pack: Reanimated Armies Civic renamed to Reanimators. Reanimators can reanimate Biological Leviathans and the Necrophage Origin can be used as a Hive Mind.

Paradox Interactive Stellaris: Console Edition - Ancient Relics Story Pack release date announced Stellaris: Pyramids

The 3.2 “Herbert” update adds even more content to Stellaris: Console Edition, with new randomly triggered terraforming events, new anomalies for gas giants and asteroids, and new options for older anomalies, as well as a host of other bugfixes and quality of life improvements. 3.2 also includes a new Civic for owners of the Humanoids Species Pack.

All in all, the console edition of Stellaris has an exciting time in its future, which should get the game to more players that have yet to experience it on these platforms.

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