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Stellaris Console Edition - Reanimated Armies Now Easier to Use

Published: 01:14, 03 July 2022
Paradox Interactive
Ancient Aliens and Pyramids, enough said
Ancient Aliens and Pyramids, enough said

Using Reanimated Armies is something that seemed par for the course in the Necroids species pack. The execution, though, was underwhelming, and Paradox have changed it.

While the idea of getting access to Reanimated Armies was very thematic in Necroids, in practice using a Civic slot to unlock a new army type, that you then have to unlock a technology to build was very underwhelming. this is now changed.

The developers have changed the Reanimated Armies Civic, and it will now be referred to as Reanimators.

Reanimators start with the technology to build the Dread Encampment, and choosing the Reanimators Civic will start you with a Dread Encampment on your homeworld.

Having a Dread Encampment on a world will replace the Defensive Armies on that planet with Undead Defense Armies, which are somewhat stronger than the regular defense armies. Dread Encampments will also provide two Necromancer jobs, which will provide 6 society and physics research, where it was just 4 before.

Paradox Interactive Stellaris: Console Edition - Federations expansion pack trailer screenshot Stellaris stars will be mined for all they are worth


When an organic army falls in battle with an Empire with the Reanimators Civic, the Reanimator Empire gets a 1 in 3 chance of resurrecting that army, and immediately spawning an Undead (Offensive) army.

Finally, when an Empire with the Reanimators Civic defeats, most, organic Leviathans in battle, they will have a chance at getting a special project to resurrect that Leviathan, to fight alongside them in their own fleets.

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