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Starfield teaser was captured in-game running on RTX 2080 Super cards

Published: 09:34, 23 February 2022
Keith Beltramini
Starfield teaser shot
Starfield teaser shot

Bethesda Lighting Artist reveals that the Starfield teaser trailer was captured in the game, running on a workstation rig with RTX 2080 Super cards.

That stunning Starfield teaser trailer from last year's Xbox and Bethesda showcase is not CGI and was indeed fully captured in-game.

This has been confirmed by Bethesda Lightning Artist Keith Beltramini on his ArtStation page. 

When asked if the teaser trailer was captured on Xbox Series X|S or PC, Beltramini revealed in a since-deleted comment that the teaser was captured entirely in-game using Nvidia cards. 

"These are captured from our standard workstations with RTX 2080 Super cards. There is no pre-rendering happening here, it's captured from the game itself. So it would be the same on Xbox [Series] X. Maybe even better on that," Beltramini answered.

Bethesda Starfield artwork showcasing spaceship at sunset Starfield

We're yet to see gameplay footage of Starfield but that should change this summer when Xbox and Bethesda plan to talk more about their highly-anticipated sci-fi RPG.

Bethesda say Starfield is built on their Creation Engine, which has received some major improvements over the years so it's safe to expect a proper bump in terms of visual fidelity but also stability and optimisation.

Starfield will be launching on November 11, 2022, for Xbox Series X|S and PC. It's also launching on Game Pass day one for console, PC and cloud gaming. 

The game will be Xbox ecosystem exclusive, meaning that it won't be coming to PlayStation 5.

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