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Sea of Thieves returns, Kraken images leak

Published: 13:44, 15 February 2018
Sea of thieves

Rare's swashbuckling adventure has been inaccessible since it's came out of closed beta, but Sea of Thieves servers will be up and running come Friday, 16 February, 2018. The game will be mostly unchanged from the closed beta version but if you're hungry to see more, and we know you are, we've got you covered.

Rare's Joe Neate said that the company learned much from the beta, but that they needed a playground to test things out on larger scale. Apparently, there will be slight tweaks and a few features here and there but the game will mostly remain as it was in the beta.

Rare Giaint tentacles threatening to sink several ships on the sea Sea of Thieves: Hey there little guy.

Neate jokingly said the company wants things to go wrong, seeing as how they want to put the game through its paces, similarly to what it will face in the real world. So, users shouldn't be surprised if they have login or any other issues with Sea of Thieves.

Absence of actual gameplay seems to have prompted many a user to data mine the life out of game updates and even though we've caught whiff of the legendary behemoth of the seas, we've never actually seen it. Until now that is. 

Rare A giant tentacle coming out of the water with a spear flying towards is Sea of Thieves: Let's get Kraken!

As you can see, them fishing rods or social niceties won't help you here - the Kraken is huge, and then some. Apparently, it will have eight tentacles that latch onto a ship so players will have to work together to take the Kraken down and save their sorry behinds.

You may recall that Rare refrained from calling the Kraken a boss, because in truth it isn't. Apparently, it will pop up at random through the world of Sea of Thieves and is more like a force of nature than your traditional end level baddie.

Rare A view of a ship with a giant tentacle coming out of the water

Either way, expect to hear and see much more when the servers go up tomorrow.

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