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League of Legends: Riot is changing ranked LP gains in patch 13.6

Published: 13:21, 23 March 2023
Riot Games
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Riot Games has recently made changes to the LP gain and loss system, aiming to improve the player experience and reduce the extremes in the system.

Patch 13.6 has been released for League of Legends, featuring several changes, including adjustments to Yuumi and significant changes to Vayne. The Dragon changes will also have an impact on the current meta. 

To accommodate the increased number of ranked splits with soft resets, Riot has previously increased overall LP gain and loss for each tier to facilitate faster climbing. However, further changes to LP gains are expected in Patch 13.6 as Riot continues to fine-tune this system.

Riot has made adjustments to the LP gain and loss ratio due to the increased number of ranked splits with a soft reset in the middle. In a recent patch, Riot raised the overall LP gain and loss for each tier to facilitate quicker climbing for players in a shorter split and ensure that everyone can progress faster. 

Riot has expressed satisfaction with the overall LP gains, but they found it necessary to make some adjustments to certain LP gains for better optimization. 

  • LP win and loss amount when your visible rank approximately matches your MMR from 22 > 25
  • Slightly changed LP gain/loss values at MMR and Rank disparity extremes
  • Clarified the lobby tooltip for ranked duo queue restriction when one player’s MMR is at the Master tier or above

Riot Games League of Legends Ziggs League of Legends Ziggs

Riot has implemented changes to the LP win and loss system to ensure a smoother experience for players, with slight increases based on MMR. The aim is to reduce the extremes and provide a better experience for higher ELO players, while also mitigating the negative impact of MMR disparities. 

These adjustments are expected to enhance the overall player experience, enabling everyone to climb the ranked ladder and earn rewards without undue frustration.


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