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Exposed City of Heroes server may go down, community fights back

Published: 09:31, 23 April 2019
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City of Heroes

City of Heroes has been a beloved game that went under, back in 2012. Since then a secret private server emerged, was recently exposed and now it seems NCSoft legal team is pushing to shut it down but the community is not having any of it.

NCSoft are not exactly known for playing easy when it comes to private servers of their games, as they previously demonstrated when they shut down any attempts at private Tabula Rasa servers, which eventually forced a community to develop on a secret private server for City of Heroes.

The server was recently and it was only a matter of time when NCSoft would come down on the project leaders. It happened on 22 April 2019, when it was made known on SCORE (Secret Cabal of Reverse Engineers, the team behind the secret server) Discord that the server  and the project leaders were bracing for legal action.

Initially, everyone thought this was the end and the only hope for ever playing City of Heroes again would be if enough people got their hands on source code, which would result in private servers popping up all over the place in hopes of NCSoft eventually letting it go.

However, a somewhat brighter bit of news came a few hours later, when SCORE project leader they were attempting to set up an LLC to fight back. They were aware their life would be in chaos in the coming months or even years but were ready to risk it in order to protect the server's community and possibly the server's future.

A further update revealed that DMCA may not have been filed which brought a spark of hope for anyone involved, as well as the wider City of Heroes community that still wants to play the game. 

NCSoft Promotional image for City of Heroes City of Heroes

The project leader estimated that a solution may present itself in about 24 hours but they strictly stated no promises will be given. Furthermore, they are working on verifying the code in their possession which could potentially be used to set up servers again.

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