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City of Heroes Homecoming public server can't keep up with demand

Published: 12:33, 29 April 2019
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City of Heroes

City of Heroes came back into the spotlight recently, seven years after the game supposedly died, after SCORE private server that got exposed. A public server, Homecoming, popped up during the kerfuffle and now it struggles with the load.

City of Heroes' super secret private server, SCORE, was recently exposed causing a lot of controversy and concern about legal action from NCSoft but it appears to be running fine so far. The team behind SCORE has now shown support for public servers and thus Homecoming was born.

There were initially two shards that couldn't hold all the traffic and after a few days, the team , showing the community's excitement and anticipation for another round of City of Heroes is .

This also means that if you are a City of Heroes fan who has been waiting literal years to get a shot at the game again and somehow missed the information about the new server will now be able to do so. 

Naturally, when there is a good thing happening and tens of thousands of people are coming together, there are bound to be a few of those who are willing to ruin the whole thing for everyone in favour of their personal gain.

Such was the case with the new City of Heroes servers too as certain individuals are posing as developers of another private server and asking for money in the process. Always keep in mind that the team  players for money, lest you get scammed.

One incredibly important thing for the moment is that the private servers gain no monetary value while providing the service as it could mean a rain of lawsuits could fall upon both SCORE and Homecoming teams. 

NCSoft Picture of a pile of heroes protesting against City of Heroes server shutdown City of Heroes - The last protest in 2012

In order to keep up to date with Homecoming updates and get all the help you might need, the safest bet would be to join the where you can get the verified information directly from the people working on the project.



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