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Blade and Soul: Demonsbane update brings the first Mythical Dungeon

Published: 19:10, 10 November 2021
NC Soft
Blade and Soul: Demonsbane update is now live
Blade and Soul: Demonsbane update is now live

NC Soft's MMORPG Blade and Soul just got a big update. Demonsbane update adds new skill abilities and the game's first-ever Mythical Dungeon.

NC Soft just announced that their latest Blade and Soul: Demonsbane update is now love. Starting today, players can access the free update that introduces a brand new chapter in the story, the new Aerodrome dungeon, several new gameplay systems, a new tier of accessories, and more. 

Blade and Soul: Demonsbane update features 

Epic Story Arc – Act XI Part 2. 

Not every villain starts off bad. The Hongmoon Warrior will learn more about goaded Mushin onto the dark path but the road to discovery won't be walked alone. Get ready to see some old friends and follow them through the Divine Realm to confront Mushin himself, and save the Realms from collapsing.

NCSoft Blade & Soul Blade & Soul

The Aerodrome Dungeon and Demonsbane System 

The Aerodrome is a new 4-player dungeon for end-game players. At the same time, this is the game's first Mythical Dungeon. The new dungeon is a giant zeppelin that popped up over Fishbelly Pub hosting a Martial Arts tournament. The inciting incident: not a single warrior has returned from the meet.

The dungeon is the first to feature the new Demonsbane system – as players complete the dungeon, they unlock different levels of Demonsbane, which adds new boss mechanics, player debuffs, etc.  

Breaker System 

The new system was applied to some players skills. They now have the ability to add "Breaker" status to bosses. The new ability needs to be charged up during a fight but when used, stuns the Mythic Dungeon boss and makes the creature that much more susceptible to damage. 

Full patch notes for Blade and Soul: Demonsbane update.

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