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Titan Network negotiating with NCSoft over City of Heroes server

Published: 19:46, 24 April 2019
Updated: 19:47, 24 April 2019
Picture of a pile of heroes protesting against City of Heroes server shutdown
City of Heroes - The last protest in 2012

Titan Network, a group behind a bunch of websites and utilities for City of Heroes back in the day has entered the fray and are now apparently negotiating a deal with NCSoft over making a private server in order to keep the game alive.

City of Heroes lived in secret for six years until recently, when a clandestine server named SCORE was exposed. NCSoft promptly started knocking on their door, leading many to believe that the days of CoH private servers are over - secret or otherwise.

The project leaders behind SCORE attempted to release the source code following the exposure but it is unknown if anyone actually managed to grab it before NCSoft managed to take it down.

When all seemed lost, a new challenger approached and reignited the fans' hopes. Testifying to the devotion of CoH's fan base, Titan Network decided to enter negotiations with NCSoft over starting a private server without provoking the publisher's ire. 

According to their , not everything is gloomy and doomy, since the talks are "looking positive" for the moment but other than that, little information was provided. There is currently no timeline but Titan will apparently provide more info in the future.

The replies on the tweet don't seem to be highly optimistic though as several users raised the issue of Titan already , with little to to show for it. 

Other fans are still bitter with SCORE keeping things secret, despite the team's obvious fears becoming reality as soon as the server became widely known. Some are even speculating that this tweet is just a smokescreen so Tony, who posted it, and Leandro, the known member of SCORE, can keep the invite-only server afloat.

NCSoft Picture of a superhero in City of Heroes City of Heroes

The latest claim may be a conspiracy theory by now since SCORE has ever since its reveal. Now it only remains to be seen whether someone managed to snatch the source code in time or whether a miracle will happen and NCSoft will finally allow people to play the game they shut down almost seven years ago and never used the IP since.

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