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Sea of Thieves getting competitive PvP mode dubbed The Arena

Published: 08:02, 12 November 2018
Fog, an upcoming feature in Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves, the fog

Rare have announced their plans to bring competitive PvP to Sea of Thieves and The Arena, as the mode's called, will be coming to the game in early 2019, when pirates will be duking it out amongst themselves to impress the new company.

The game's executive producer Joe Neate said that we're basically looking at a condensed version of the Sea of Thieves experience, mostly focused on treasure hunting. In a nutshell, players will be crammed into a smaller map, where they're bound to clash on the sea and on land alike. 

We're unsure of the map size and other mechanics since Rare are yet to go into details, but we should know soon enough. Neate added that the mode is likely to grow with future feedback by the Sea of Thieves community, much like the base game has.

What we do know is that The Arena is supposedly a show-off contest to impress the new company called Sea Dogs. We can only assume that the gentleman in the trailer is a member, since he's barking out the orders and flaunting coins around.

Neate also reminded that Sea of Thieves: Shrouded Spoils is coming out in late November 2018, calling it a "collection of tons of features that people have been asking for". One of the first features that catch the eye will be the fog, which can roll in at any time and turn a whimsical location into an eerie one in an instant.

In fact, Rare said they're pretty proud of what the audio FX department came up with in that respect, with a bunch of creaks and howls added for good measure. All in all, it adds up to a very Carpenter-ish experience in Sea of Thieves packaging.

Microsoft Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves

At the same time, the fog will make the Crow's Nest an important part of the landscape, since it alone will let you peer over the rolling fog. Sea of Thieves: Shrouded Spoils will also introduce rewards for hunting down Megalodon and the Kraken, as well as make skeleton ships more frequent.


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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Sea of Thieves

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