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Sea of Thieves gets Day One Patch already, is not quite what you would think

Published: 20:34, 19 March 2018
A broken wooden dinghy on a sandy beach in Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves

One has to applaud Rare's sense of humour as the news of Day One Patch for their upcoming swashbuckling pirate adventure Sea of Thieves turns out to be an actual eye patch, which can be bought in the in-game general clothing shop.

You may have been caught off guard, I sure have been, at seeing headlines of Day One Patch an entire day before Sea of Thieves actually launches. I mean, what could've gone so wrong to hear about day one patch before day one?

Turns out the only thing "wrong" is Rare's delightful sense of humour, because Sea of Thieves' in-game general clothing shop offers eye patches, one of which is called Day One Patch. I think we've been underestimating Rare's sneakiness.

Rare Marketplace inside the game Sea of Thieves with may items offered Sea of Thieves - Day One Patch

We're pretty confident today is one hectic day for Rare and Microsoft, as they're getting ready to launch their pirate adventure game to the proverbial open seas. With all the testing done, all that's left is to sail onwards and see whether Sea of Thieves is all that.

There are many things that make Sea of Thieves one of a kind. In fact, even when it was just an idea scribbled on a piece of paper, Sea of Thieves prioritised soft skill over hard skill, i.e. social skills over quick reflexes and finely tuned motor skills, which most modern games rely on.

Rare System requirement sheet for Sea of Thieves on PC. Sea of Thieves PC specs

Furthermore, it seems that insistence on soft skills seems to have rubbed off on the as well, allowing all sorts of rundown computers to run it.

Just in case you missed the entire hoopla around launch, you can hop over to our , where you can learn all you need to know before you dip into the salty waters of Sea of Thieves.


Sea of Thieves, Rare's swashbuckling adventure

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Sea of Thieves
Rare's Sea of Thieves promises serious fun in a meticulously crafted world.

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