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Sea of Thieves Halloween event adds Fort of the Damned and Shadow skeletons

Published: 14:46, 17 October 2019
screenshot showing fort of the damned
Sea of Thieves spooky event has arrived

Rare's huge October content update for their pirate adventure Sea of Thieves is introducing a brand new fort, skeletons and to battle against these dark forces, players will have to undertake new voyages and more.

Halloween has officially arrived to Rare's swashbuckling adventure Sea of Thieves and the developer have detailed everything that has been introduced with the latest, October content update. One of the biggest additions is the Fort of the Damned but there's a whole range of new additions to the game beyond that - from a much-anticipated instrument to a new duo crew Arena option.

The new fort is a bit different from the traditional skeleton fort battles that players get to experience before. Fort of the Damned can be activated at any time unlike previous fort battles, which took place only when a giant skull cloud appeared over one of the fort locations. Fort of the Damned is also added as a permanent feature to Sea of Thieves. 

As always, you get the new contracts from Duke, who can be found hanging around in his usual tavern. Duke has new voyages including the free ones named Skull Seeker voyages while Skull Stash voyages are for those with deep pockets. They cost 30 doubloons or 35,000 gold.

There are new Mercenary Commendations to unlock for helping Duke fight back the Shadows of Fate. The rewards include doubloons as well as the Skull Keeper title. All Skull Seeker Voyage Commendations, doubloons and title are time-limited for the duration of the Fort of the Damned update.

Other tweaks include the addition of new Duo Sloop modes in the PvP Arena which should help with matchmaking and speed up the process of finding games. Rare also added six new locations with two variations while the new instrument - The Banjo - is also available so you and your crew can form a band and start touring all over the ocean.

Rare A cloud resembling a skeleton head with glowing eyes looming over the horizon Rare: Sea of Thieves

Traditionally, the new update also brings new cosmetic items and you can take a look at these in the announcement post on Sea of Thieves' .

Sea of Thieves cosmetics for the Festival of the Damned event

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Sea of Thieves

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