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Sea of Thieves: Crews of Rage update lets you change your pirate's appearance

Published: 11:47, 19 February 2020
Sea of Thieves character with tattoos
Sea of Thieves, new tattoos

Sea of Thieves: Crews of Rage update is now live on all platforms. It brings several new additions including the option to change the appearance of your character, for a small fee.

Rare's swashbuckling action-adventure Sea of Thieves has become a proper gem since it's rocky launch. The game now packs a lot of content for players to enjoy and Rare and Microsoft will of course, only look to add even more stories, quests and events in the future.

Today, another update has arrived to all platforms and it brings a much-requested feature. Named Crews of Rage, the update was officially announced earlier this month. It brings the option to change the appearance of your character.

Unfortunately, the new feature is not free. You'll have to purchase a Pirate Appearance Potion from the in-game store, which will then allow you to reset your character's appearance. Of course, everything you unlocked will remain unchanged, the potion only resets the visual part of your pirate. The price of the Pirate Appearance Potion is 149 Ancient Coins, which is around $2.

On top of this quality of life addition, Crews of Rage also brings new cursed treasure Chest of Rage. The interesting thing about it is that it heats up over time so you will have to keep it cool with water, otherwise, it can set you ablaze with a wave of fire. 

The update also brings a lot of other minor tweaks and additions and you can find more details about it once Rare drop the full patch notes later today. Keep an eye for them on Sea of Thieves Twitter.

Sea of Thieves is available on PC and Xbox One.

Sea of Thieves, Rare's swashbuckling adventure

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