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Rare announce new Sea of Thieves event Black Powder Stashes

Published: 20:36, 04 July 2019
Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves' executive producer Joe Neate has shed some light on the upcoming content in Rare's swashbuckling adventure, announcing 'the first of many' events dubbed Black Powder Stashes, some changes to The Arena PvP mode, and more.

Neate said that Black Powder Stashes is all about the new and interesting ways to play in the Adventure world, specifically the "social dynamics and behaviour" within Sea of Thieves.

Rare are trying to do something similar to what they've been doing for the past few Sea of Thieves updates, so Black Powder Stashes will be close to the Reaper's Run adventures, but not exactly identical.

Judging from the name and Neate's hint at the end of the video, gunpowder barrels are at the centre of it.

The update is expected to land on 17 July 2019, but it will be in the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme testing until then, so feel free to have a go.

In fact, you can actually lend Rare a hand -  or a hook, not discriminating here - as the company called on all the Insiders to assist them in testing out some Arena changes. 

Apparently, they are playing around with different ship sizes in the Arena, and there are some participation incentives involved.

Namely, Sea of Thieves players that log in between 9am on Saturday, 06 July 2019, and midnight on Sunday will get their doubloons on the main game. Players will get doubloons both for participating and winning, while simultaneously getting the first taste of upcoming changes, so we guess it's a win-win.

Neate also reminded that Sea of Thieves fans who bring a crew to the Guardian Con this weekend will have a chance to qualify and compete in the Battle for Orlando, the details of which you can find on the official website .

Microsoft picture showing three pirates Sea of Thieves Anniversary update

Microsoft recently revealed that Sea of Thieves has hit , 2 million of which came after the last update, and they celebrated in a cross-over fashion with a Halo-themed ship. Master Chief Sparrow. Sounds about right. 


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