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Sea of Thieves announced features round up: events, pets, customization and more

Published: 11:59, 03 April 2018
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Sea Of Thieves

With Sea of Thieves fans clamouring for more features for a while now, we've come across a neat list of bits players can expect to be added to their pirate adventure game. Events, pets, ship ownership and customization, to name but a few.

Rare's swashbuckling adventure has had enjoyed a stellar upwards trajectory upon launch, but many have been wondering whether the game's scarce content will mean Sea of Thieves will fall equally as surely as it rose.

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To be fair, the developers did on many occasions say that that most of the game's key features will be implemented after launch, prior to fixing Sea of Thieves' inevitable traffic-related problems. However, we've come across a that has all the announced changes in one place.

Rare have been talking about live events as world-wide events in Sea of Thieves. You may be alerted to them by chatting to NPCs in the tavern and accepting their challenges, which will yield unique rewards.

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Indeed, hostile Mermaids have been mentioned quite a while ago, although we're yet to hear about a date. Naturally, even though such Sea of Thieves events seem relatively simple to implement, Rare's recent difficulties sustaining the population storming into their game means we may wait on proper implementation of Live Events for a bit more.

The devs are also looking to add quest types, factions as well as introduce fishing, which is a mechanics-related proposal that interestingly enough came from fans.

Rare Two animated characters on a ship, aiming their guns at the camera Sea Of Thieves

Pets have already been announced by Rare, and they're said to "potentially" arrive in June 2018. As far as we know, we will initially only be seeing parrots, monkeys and cats. Apparently, pets can be bought for real money, although the company's looking at integrating them as rewards for in-game feats.

It seems the same time frame will mark more reliance on ship ownership, ensuring that scallywags of Sea of Thieves are encouraged to build their ship and show off their legacy.

Having said that, Sea of Thieves vessels will have many more customization options to choose among, although Rare didn't say exactly when.

Sea of Thieves, Rare's swashbuckling adventure

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Rare's Sea of Thieves promises serious fun in a meticulously crafted world.

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