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Sea of Thieves gets trailer for its first major content update

Published: 21:20, 23 May 2018
Updated: 11:05, 24 September 2018
Top-down view of a pirate swimming towards a ship in Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves

Rare are closing in on the first major content update for Sea of Thieves dubbed the Hungering Deep and the company have rolled out a delightful trailer before "a special time-limited campaign" introduces "a range of permanent features".

I must admit, the Hungering Deep trailer is just top notch from every aspect and even the comment section is suggesting Sea of Thieves should do more content with this guy. With fans hungering for new content as well, there's even more good news.

Hungering Deep is coming out on 29 May 2018, initially as a limited time campaign about Merry Merrick, protagonist of our little trailer here. Finding out what made him swap his regular legs for a pair of peg legs warrants a search across the world of Sea of Thieves of course, and so it starts.

Rare say that completing the campaign earns rewards you won't be able to get elsewhere. If you do well, you will be crossing paths with Merrick and presumably fighting the dreaded monster that did it.

There's more to be discovered along the way too, with Rare listing drums, ship flags, new tattoos, scars and even speaking trumpets. Apparently, they'll be used to shout at other Sea of Thieves players. Oh well, we guess it's a sailor thing.

Thieves can start looking for Merrick in the tavern or refer to the first issue of , a Sea of Thieves newspaper that covers in-game community quite hilariously. Indeed, towards the bottom of the page, you'll find reports of a perfidious poultry plunderer that matches Merricks description quite well.

The Times is a pretty good read too, showing that the community of Sea of Thieves isn't lacking in inspiration. There are already coast guard teams forming, protecting pirates and helping them unload booty.

Another crew used upwards of a thousand chests to spell out "Thanks Rare" and #BeMorePirate. Other than giving us a chuckle, this goes to show that players who aren't enjoying the game by themselves rarely lack content. Having said that, bring on the Hungering Deep.

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