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Sea of Thieves adds Halloween flavoured Festival of the Damned

Published: 13:59, 01 November 2018
Updated: 14:12, 01 November 2018
Sea of Thieves

Rare have rolled out the 1.3.2 update for their swashbuckling adventure Sea of Thieves and the new Bilge Rat Adventure dubbed the Festival of the Damned is taking over from the game's Forsaken Shores campaign, cosmetics included of course.

Well, it's not a tragedy unless you're a cosmetics addict, since it's too late for Forsaken Shores-flavoured goodies. On the other hand, Festival of the Damned will have plenty of cosmetics of its own, arguably even better looking, since we're talking about Halloween and all.

Rare wrote that "the Ferryman has unveiled the Well of Fates, a sacred part of the Ferry of the Damned that contains the mysterious Flames of Fate!" The Well actually has a sense of humour too as its colour changes according to whether your trip there was paid for by sharks, pirates and so on.

Sea of Thieves players will be using their lanterns to capture the flame of their shameful demise and get some extra spooky, customised ship lighting. Or you can run around and light up all of the 12 beacons left by Bilge Rats, that works too. Apparently, there's a commendation called party boat too.

As far as the limited time cosmetics, Sea of Thieves is getting the Festival of the Damned lantern, three new face paints and a new set of Ferryman sails. Rare apparently launched a set of different make up options they've peppered across the Sea of Thieves, encouraging players to check out their stores.

Reload speeds have been tweaked to prevent sprint-cancels-reload scenarios for the Eye of Reach, which could be pretty annoying. As usual, there's a bunch of bug fixes and the like, which you can check out more on the official Sea of Thieves website

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Speaking in the last developer update, Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate said that rare will soon be spilling the beans on Shrouded Spoils. He said this will take place at the XO18 fan even and we'll also be learning about the update that's coming after Shrouded Spoils.

Sea of Thieves cosmetics for the Festival of the Damned event

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