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Rare delays Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores trailer too late

Published: 19:25, 06 September 2018
Snapshot from Rare's teaser for Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores
Sea of Thieves

Even though Rare officially delayed the trailer for Sea of Thieves' major content update called Forsaken Shores, what precious time it was online was more than enough for it to be kept online. Rare really do have a flare for the dramatic.

Now, I happened to find a bunch of versions online, so I'm not really sure, nor do I care much who did it first. I did however, choose this particular version for the pure irony of it being the most popular comment on Rare's tweet, the same one where they announced the delay of Forsaken Shores trailer. Oh well.

Once you get past the fact that we should be discussing it tomorrow, it's a pretty cool trailer indeed. Each Rare's trailer looks better than the last and this time, it seems that the content will be plentiful as well, starting with the vehicle of choice of the trailer's protagonist.

Yeah, rowboats will soon be a thing, as Sea of Thieves developer decided that the Forsaken Shores are an ideal timing for introduction thereof. Rowboats will take a four man crew aboard and will be found on various shores.

Players will be able to hitch rowboats to their ships and use them at will. Note that they can still be destroyed and sunk. Also, Rare claim they not only went for accurate view from the boat, they wanted to accurately portray the awkwardness of being at a breath's reach from your plundering teammates. Ouch.

As you can see from the trailer, the Forsaken Shores are bringing a brand new fiery biome and the long rumoured Devil's Roar. The fellow from the trailer obviously didn't have a great time visiting the fiery shores but hopefully, the rest will have more luck with it.

Rare Top-down view of a pirate swimming towards a ship in Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves

I must admit though, the customisation options on some of the characters look positively stunning and Sea of Thieves' latest fad is on fire, both literally and figuratively. The Forsaken Shores update lands on 19 September 2018.

We'll probably be updating the trailer with the official one once it launches, although I doubt there'll be visible difference.

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