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Sea of Thieves gets Forsaken Shores and Devil's Roar with it

Published: 15:22, 28 September 2018
Picture of some people jumping over geysers in Forsaken Shores
Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores

Rare have released Forsaken Shores expansion for Sea of Thieves, sending players into the volcanic region known as Devil's Roar. It will present them with new loot, new type of voyage and a new vessel for navigating tight bodies of water.

Devil's Roar is by its nature a challenging place to navigate as it features lava rocks falling out of the sky and hot geysers coming out of the ground. Players will need to dodge these environmental dangers in order to complete voyages successfully, especially with the new voyage type - cargo runs.

Cargo runs will, as the name suggests, task players with picking up goods at a given place and then delivering them to islands, seaposts or outposts. The initially promised reward is rather high according to Rare, but it will diminish if players take too much time bringing the cargo back or if they don't preserve its condition. Hence, avoid being hit by hot lava.

The area around Devil's Roar features tight bodies of water so regular ships will have a hard time sailing there. That's where the rowboats come in. These tiny vessels should prove to be adequate for moving players and cargo around, albeit in smaller amounts than the larger ships, so the trade-off for navigating tight corridors is apparent on first sight.

Lore enthusiasts will be treated as well, since players will be able to discover the fate of Forsaken Shores Alliance and meet new characters in Devil's Roar. Explorers will have several new islands to discover, while fashionistas will have time limited customisation items to look forward to.

Rare Picture of a volcano going wild in Forsaken Shores Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores

All of the mentioned content makes for quite a bit of new gameplay experience in Sea of Thieves but not all of it is available on launch. One of the main features players were looking forward, cargo runs, will only become available during the third week of Forsaken shores, according to .

Until then, players will have to settle with regular exploration and voyages which will reward them a bit more due to the dangers of the region.

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