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Sea of Thieves errors: Bronzebeard, Trimmedbeard, etc - what does it all mean?

Published: 12:56, 20 March 2018
A man with an eye patch holding a gold coin in the game Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves Gold Hoarder

Well, Rare guys really like cracking jokes, even when you're trying to access their game. Users who tried and failed may have noticed errors in the vein of Bronzebeard, so just in case you're confused, it's AltChar cavalry to the rescue.

With the game's popularity obviously through the roof, it's no wonder users are getting stuck on the main screen, watering at the mouth at the notion of finally setting sail across the Sea of Thieves.

Rare Two animated characters on a ship, aiming their guns at the camera Sea Of Thieves

With most of the Sea of Thieves beards being more like notifications, such as afk related Lazybeard, others like Cinnamonbeard & Bronzebeard, Trimmedbeard and Kiwibeard errors were game access issues, all of them featured in Sea of Thieves betas.

Most of them are usually fixed by either restarting the client, or the device of choice, although Kiwibeard was usually a sign that the game's servers are closed. Well, either that or you have to ensure the gamertag with access to Sea of Thieves is the only one signed in. 

Rare An animated run down fort crudely made of lumber posts Sea Of Thieves

Now however, users are reporting Greybeard errors, which by the company. So far, it appears to be a matchmaking issue with many users reporting this bug being US players playing on New Zealand servers. 

Naturally, Sea of Thieves attracted world and dog on launch day and Rare have acknowledged this. The company's twitter account said that server join rates for Sea of Thieves are faster than anything they've seen, so with that in mind - expect some hitching.

Rare may have been joking around with , but it appears they should've watched the hardware side, with some Sea of Thieves players already reporting their inventory missing and other strange occurrences. Either way, it's going to be a long week for Rare.

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